Monday, January 23, 2023

Track “Facts”: Knoxville

Nascar races on all sorts of tracks, from short to long, oval to road course, concrete to asphalt.  Here’s a weekly look at all the tracks of Nascar’s National Touring Series.


0.5 mile dirt oval

Opened (for weekly racing) 1954

Lights?  Yes

Series: Trucks

Nicknames: Sprint Car Capital of the World, The Track with the Late Start Time for Trucks


1. Knoxville Raceway’s Nascar history is quite brief (only since 2021) but the track’s is MUCH longer, stretching back to its introduction in 1878 as a horse racing track.  Yes, this track was opened in the 19th-century, making it almost as old as Morgan Shepherd.

2. This track is located in Knoxville, Iowa, not to be confused with Knoxville, Tennessee, where their mayor is a guy who used to pretend to be a burn victim on national TV.

3. The Truck Series moved here in an attempt to reconnect with the sport’s roo—ok, ok, you got me—they came here to spite Tony Stewart for starting the SRX Series. updated four times weekly

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Does this track have lights?

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