Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Spade Racing Opens a Box of Panini PRIZM Cards, Part 4 of 12

Pack 4: A Driver from the Past, the Skill of Mast, and a Refractory Blast

FIRST LOOK: Mark Martin—arguably the best driver to never with a championship, dominator of the Busch Series, one of the most-consistent and versatile drivers the Cup Series ever saw.  Oh, and, uh, LOL Viagra or something.

TO THE BACK: So pole positions are the true test?  Well then, give guys like Rick Mast and Loy Allen Jr. a slot in the Hall of Fame, pronto!

SAY WHAT: “Help!  This isn’t a card!  I’m really stuck in this holographic maze!”

RATING: 7 Special Paint Schemes out of 10

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