Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Spade Racing Opens a Box of Panini PRIZM Cards, Part 3 of 12

Pack 3: A Promoter of Hair, a Drive Always There, and a Ride to Share

FIRST LOOK: Toni promotes Hairclub, but she already has a pretty impressive head of hair on her.  Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?  Why not sponsor someone like Todd Bodine or Larry McReynolds?

TO THE BACK: Its pretty cool that McDriver was driven to succeed at a young age.  If they made the movie of his life, would young Michael have delivered a monologue like “I’m going to work my way up the ladder of a dying race series, then burst onto the Nascar scene by torpedoing the wall!”

SAY WHAT: “Need a ride?  I got one.  Seriously, come drive my Cup car, we got open dates”.

RATING: 8 Sets of Tires out of 10

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