Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Spade Racing Opens a Box of Panini PRIZM Cards, Part 1 of 12

Pack 1: A Racing Debt, The Next Annett, and a Typical Set

FIRST LOOK: We kick things off with a look at Kyle Larson’s 2022 car.  Do you think Kyle ever just calls up Mr. H to thank him for rescuing his career?  Or does Mr. H call Kyle to thank HIM for taking his team to the next level?  Nah—they probably just text.

TO THE BACK: Its great to have big goals, as Sammy Smith does, but its better to have people to support those goals.  Particularly people who happen to own a major trucking firm that does lots of business with a massive truck stop company.  

SAY WHAT: “Yeah, I appear a lot in this set of cards too.  But I can’t figure out why I’m on this refracting French flag.”

RATING: 5 Hot Laps out of 10

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