Spade Racing Opens a Box of Panini PRIZM Cards, Part 2 of 12

Pack 2: A Driver to Remember, A Reality Bender, and a Career Ender

FIRST LOOK: Oh Quin Houff.  Cup was never meant for a driver as wonderful as you.  And even though you lacked talent, experience, sponsorship, results, and the second N in your first name, you did Derrike Cope proud.

TO THE BACK: Wow—now THAT is a trippy-looking background.  I’m guessing that’s how it would look if you smoked whatever adhesive is used to keep the Coke bottle attached to Suarez’s hand.

SAY WHAT: “Who knew that a money laundering scheme and playing both sides against the middle was a bad career move?”

RATING: 7 Stage Breaks out of 10 updated four times weekly

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