52 Pickup Racing Presents: Ask The Team Member

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Boogertown, North Carolina)

Earlier last week 52 Pickup Racing opened up its social media channels to questions for team member Todd Lefferts.  Here’s three:

“Hi there.  What do you do for 52 Pickup Racing?” —Tommy Parent, Radio Promotions Consultant (Geneva, Illinois)

“Well as the only full-time team member beyond the crew chief and driver, I do a little of everything.  I’m the jack man at the track, I’m the lead engineer back at the shop, where I also schedule all the part-time guys, volunteers, and hangers-on.  I also do a little marketing work on the side, and so far I’m the only one who’s figured out how to get the race shop toilet to stop running (you gotta jiggle the handle but stop the moment the water starts running). —Craig

“What’s it like working for a small, independent race team?  How is it different from working for one of the bigger organizations?” —Sammi Alexander, College Student (Los Angeles, California)

“I spent a little time with Michael Waltrip Racing early in my career, and I gotta say its a very different experience.  Here I might do over a dozen things in one day.  At MWR my only responsibility was hair gel replenishment.” —Craig

“Is it confusing working for a team with fifty-two different co-owners?” —Manny Horn, Brewer (Bluefield, West Virginia)

“Oh, not really.  Why there’s one of our team owners now.  Its, uh, Jack…Jeff, no wait…Jerry, that’s it, Jerry…MacReady, right?” —Craig

QUOTES: “Uh, Craig, that’s John McLaughlin.” —T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Pickup Racing Monday Cigarettes race car.

“Actually, it’s Jim.” —Jim McLaughlin, co-owner of 52 Pickup Racing.

ABOUT 52 PICKUP RACING: 52 Pickup Racing is NASCAR Cup’s newest race team.  Based out of Boogertown North Carolina, the team employs up-and-coming driver T.B. Dee and will start introducing a name tag system around the shop.

For more information please visit the 52 Pickup Racing website at www.52pickupracing.com

For all media inquiries please contact Moxoc Media at moxoc(at)moxoc.com

Chase Elliott vs. Kevin Harvick—Tale O’ The Tape

Last weekend saw a near-brawl break out between Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick on pit road at Bristol.  Since feuds never go away (NBC won’t allow it) here’s a look at the two combatants, in a Spade Racing Tale O’ The Tape:

"Look I just said that Quizno's has better
chicken subs, ok!"


Chase Elliott: 13, all with Hendrick Motorsports

Kevin Harvick: 58, a good chunk of them with RCR.  Seriously.


Chase Elliott: Denny Hamlin, Ty Dillon, Joey Logano (of course)

Kevin Harvick: Jeff Green, Greg Biffle, Coy Gibbs, Kyle Busch, the Cope twins, Austin Dillon, Ty Dillon, Joey Logano (of course), Jeff Gordon, Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson, 2021 car designs


Chase Elliott: Three-time winner of Nascar Cup Series’ Most Popular Driver Award

Kevin Harvick: Less so than Dale Earnhardt Jr. but more so than Steve Park


Chase Elliott: Dawsonville, Georgia—famed for its Pool Hall “sy-REEN”

Kevin Harvick: Bakersfield, California—famed for its fertile farming fields of bakers


Chase Elliott: Comeback kid, Legacy kid, and Showman kid

Kevin Harvick: Danica’s replacement, Kurt’s replacement, and Smoke’s replacement’s replacement


Chase Elliott: Actual first name is “Clyde”

Kevin Harvick: When someone says he should “check his plugs”, they don’t mean spark plugs

Spade Racing presents Uncle Max vs. Repeat Winners: Las Vegas

Ah, Las Vegas.  Gambling!  Girls!  Great buffet options!  Its been too long since I’ve been to Vegas—last time I was there, they didn’t even have a hockey team.  Hopefully COVID numbers go down enough that I can spent my NEXT vacation in the other city that never sleeps.

Speaking of vacation, I’ve used up all mine for the year, but I’m looking at possibly doing a weekend getaway sometime soon.  Folks, having friends isn’t just great for social interaction and support—its also great for knowing someone who has a place in the mountains.  Thankfully his place has cable so I won’t miss any of the exciting Playoffs (Nascar AND baseball) whenever I can find some time off.

Friday Night TRUCK SERIES Victoria’s Voice 200 (4 wins): John Hunter Nemechek—home win for the team OWNER.

Saturday Night XFINITY SERIES Alsco 302 (1 win): AJ Allmendinger—yeah, I’m switching to him after he punted MY pick last weekend.

Sunday Night CUP SERIES South Point 400. Repeat winner (4 wins)—Kyle Larson.  FAVORITE (2 wins): Martin Truex Jr.—his teammate is from here, so it counts as a home track for him.  NEXT FAVORITE (4 wins):  Denny Hamlin—“so much adversity”…that they can’t mention.  DARK HORSE (3 wins): Kurt Busch—a week late and a dollar short, but still nice to win at home.

Spade Racing Opens a Box of 2021 Panini Chronicles Nascar Cards, Pack 6 of 6

Join us (well, me) as we/I go through a box of super-exclusive 2021 Panini Chronicles Nascar Cards, pack-by-pack, week-by-week.

Pack 6—On your guard, trying too hard, and the missing card

FIRST LOOK: I really REALLY hope Ryan Vargas has a special “autograph signature” that he uses in public.  Because if this is actually how he signs his name on contracts, checks, and other legal documents, I’m guessing he has to do it over and over again with people thinking he’s trying to forge it.

TO THE BACK: Um, maybe it would be better to just write “We don’t know much about this guy” rather than waxing poetic on the Rocky Mountains.

SAY WHAT: “Nine cards in this pack—I’m the missing card from Pack 1!  Oh, and uh, who am I?”

RATING: 7 overtime laps out of 10

52 Pickup Racing Records Fastest Lap

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Boogertown, North Carolina)

Last weekend’s NASCAR Cup race saw another plaudit recorded by the sport’s newest team, 52 Pickup Racing.  On lap 54, driver T.B. Dee posted the fastest lap of all other cars.

“That’s what I’m talking about!”, Dee said over the radio upon being informed of his accomplishment.  “Faster than Busch!  Faster than Harvick!  Faster than the other Busch! We’re bad fast today, fellas!”.

The 52 Pickup Racing car, emblazoned in its usual Monday Cigarettes colors, streaked around the track at a blistering pace, making competitors and race fans alike forget that the car was a lap down and the only competitor on new tires.  Such was the power of such an amazing lap.

“There’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of long hours, a lot of extra investments made”, said Ray Jansen, one of the fifty-two co-owners of 52 Pickup Racing.  “But seeing us light up the scoreboard like that, it really makes it all worthwhile.  I mean, it would be even MORE worthwhile if a new sponsor stepped up for the next few races, but one thing at a time, I guess.”

Dee has said that, while happy with his performance on the fifty-fourth lap, he is still looking to improve his performance overall.

“Don’t get me wrong—having a fastest lap is fantastic”, Dee said.  “But we want to do so much more.  Next weekend I’m hoping we can post TWO fastest laps.  Then three, then four, and so on.  Pretty soon we’ll be knocking on the door of the top-30!”

QUOTES: “Those new tires really did the trick.  No wonder everyone else came in for new tires the following lap.” —T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Pickup Racing Monday Cigarettes race car.

“Little victories like that begin to add up, and eventually lead to the ultimate goal—finishing on the lead lap.” —Ray Jansen, co-owner of 52 Pickup Racing.

ABOUT 52 PICKUP RACING: 52 Pickup Racing is NASCAR Cup’s newest race team.  Based out of Boogertown North Carolina, the team employs up-and-coming driver T.B. Dee and a cracked pit crew working primarily for room and board.

For more information please visit the 52 Pickup Racing website at www.52pickupracing.com

For all media inquiries please contact Moxoc Media at moxoc(at)moxoc.com

For Hero Card Requests, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below:

52 Pickup Racing

Attn: Hero Card Request

3911 Concord Pike

PO Box 7795

Wilmington DE 19803

Spade Racing presents Uncle Max vs. Repeat Winners: Bristol

So, how about that Richmond race weekend, huh?

OK, I’d better fess up—I missed both races.  The holiday set-up rush at work meant I had to work Saturday afternoon, so I got home just in time to see Dale Jr. and Josh Williams commiserating.  Then I was all ready for the Cup race…and I dozed off.  When I woke up it was about 2:30am and a repeat of a Notre Dame football game was on tv.

I mean, really—isn’t there any way they could shorten some of these races?  Keep Daytona, Charlotte and Darlington as-is, but maybe take all the 500s to 400s and the 400s to 300s?  I know, I know, tv money and all, but hey—the more people that watch, the more valuable the commercial time still there will be.

Thursday Night TRUCK SERIES UNOH 200 (4 wins): John Hunter Nemechek—a strong season continues for The Man With Three Names.

Friday Night XFINITY SERIES Food City 300 (1 win): Austin Cindric—time for AC to do what Penske drivers to best—“flip the switch” for the fight to the finish.

Saturday Night CUP SERIES Bass Pro Shops Night Race. Repeat winner (4 wins)—Martin Truex Jr.  FAVORITE (2 wins): Kyle Busch—with an over/under of 1.5 curse words on the night.  NEXT FAVORITE (3 wins): Kyle Larson—easiest way to avoid getting complacent?  Don’t stop winning.  DARK HORSE (3 wins): Erik Jones—“listen, that Bristol win deal means double chicken money”.

Spade Racing Opens a Box of 2021 Panini Chronicles Nascar Cards, Pack 5 of 6

Join us (well, me) as we/I go through a box of super-exclusive 2021 Panini Chronicles Nascar Cards, pack-by-pack, week-by-week.

Pack 5—Chase’s swatches, Junior watches, and Aric botches

FIRST LOOK: A great memorabilia card here—a tire and two pieces of Chase Elliott’s uniform!  And speaking of collectables, I wonder how much Chase paid for Richard Petty’s late-70’s fu-manchu?

TO THE BACK: Dale, stop looking at me like that.

SAY WHAT: “I honestly have no idea what Obsidian is, means, or if its even real.  But I can’t help thinking it would look better with more A’s in its name, like ‘Absadaan’”.

RATING: 9 contingency sponsors out of 10

52 Pickup Racing Sets Record for World’s Fastest Hamster

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Boogertown, North Carolina)

Thanks to a crazy chain of events, 52 Pickup Racing has found its way into the record books.  A wayward hamster rode along with driver T.B. Dee for a few laps last weekend, earning him the title of the World’s Fastest Hamster.


“It was crazy how it happened!”, said T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Monday Cigarettes race car and owner of Rocco, the hamster in question.  “A few of the crew members wanted to see Rocco so I brought him to the track this past weekend in his travel cage.  Well, another driver’s cat knocked the cage over and I had to put Rocco in my firesuit to keep him safe and warm.

“But what I hadn’t counted on was forgetting Rocco was there in my uniform!”, Dee continued.  “So when the green flag dropped, little Rocco was there by my side, running faster than any rodent has ever gone before!”

“We obviously don’t encourage this kind of behavior—its dangerous for both driver AND hamster”, said Chauncey Burkam, one of the fifty-two co-owners of 52 Pickup Racing.  “Furthermore, we lost a few laps making an unscheduled pit stop to get the little fur ball out of there.  Thankfully we got the car going again—I’d hate to see us in the official results as ’52 Dee (DNF—Hamster)’”.

“Well it sure was an interesting day, that’s for sure”, Dee said.  “But I’m glad to report that Rocco is back in his home cage where he belongs.  Thankfully he’s no worse for wear, but if anyone wants to make up a little firesuit for him to wear, I think we might have a Halloween costume on our hands.”

QUOTES: “Seriously—don’t try this at home.  Its scary for the little guys, plus I have nibble marks all over my right bicep.” —T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Pickup Racing Monday Cigarettes race car.

“One can’t help but be reminded of Jocko Flocko, the racing monkey who rode with Tim Flock, Wilson, the Volleyball who rode with Dale Jr. at Pocono, and Phil Parsons, who we believe was 1/8th mountain lion.” —Eli Williams, stock car racing historian.

ABOUT 52 PICKUP RACING: 52 Pickup Racing is NASCAR Cup’s newest race team.  Based out of Boogertown North Carolina, the team employs up-and-coming driver T.B. Dee and may install a shop-wide Habitrail for hamsters if there’s enough of a demand for it.

For more information please visit the 52 Pickup Racing website at www.52pickupracing.com

For all media inquiries please contact Moxoc Media at moxoc(at)moxoc.com

Bruton Smith Files Preliminary Injunction Against Nascar for Attempted “LA Coliseum Clash”

Speedway Motorsports Inc. (SMI) Chairman and Nascar Hall of Famer O. Bruton Smith announced that he has filed a preliminary injunction against Nascar and its track-owning subsidiaries for a rumored move of the pre-season Busch Clash to the Los Angeles Coliseum.

The Los Angeles Coliseum

“Bristol Motor Speedway has been known as ‘The Last Great Coliseum’ for over a decade now”, said Smith to a media contingent outside SMI’s Concord, North Carolina headquarters.  “We filed the trademarks and copyrights on that quite a while back, and I’ll be damned if I let those Frances (referring to the France family that controls Nascar) get away with infringing on them!”

The race, which would be held on a temporary “short track” circuit inside the history football and Olympic stadium, would likely bring a renewed interest in the oft-ignored pre-season non-points event—something Smith was quick to pounce on.

“They (Nascar) just need some more gimmicks to get attention on their dull-as-dishwater non-points event”, Smith ranted.  “You want something interesting, you do what I did this year at Bristol, The Last Great Coliseum—hold a race in the mud!”

While the “Coliseum Clash” has yet to be officially confirmed, multiple sources have reported the move as a done-deal.  However, Smith has pledged to take every step necessary to prevent that.

“Nascar stole my idea for holding races at speedways under the lights”, Smith contended.  “Nascar stole my idea of buying a bunch of tracks to take their race dates.  They even stole my idea to start a stock car racing series!  But they’re NOT going to steal my Coliseum concept!”

Smith then joked that Nascar was free to hold the race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, which he owns.

Spade Racing presents Uncle Max vs. Repeat Winners: Richmond

I’m really starting to wonder if I have a curse on me in the Xfinity Series.  Denny Hamlin DOMINATED last weekend only to lose thanks to a pit road screw up.  Am I destined to stay with a singular win in 2021 there?  I mean, what am I, Ricky Rudd in the 90’s?

Anyways Labor Day has come and passed, so you know what THAT means, right?  That’s right—time to set up Christmas at work!  Look, I know its early, but we’re the “demo store” for the rest of the region again.  That means we have to get it all right the first time by the end of September so all the other store managers can take a look at what we’ve done.  Hint for anyone else in my shoes—leave one really obvious mistake you can easily fix so they don’t go looking too hard for a bunch of little things.  So if you see me setting up the entrance with Christmas decorations, feel free to with me a “HAPPY HOLIDAS” as well!

TRUCK SERIES (4 wins): off

Saturday Afternoon XFINITY SERIES Go Bowling 250 (1 win): Justin Allgaier—not the JRM driver most want to win, but its still good.

Saturday Night CUP SERIES Salute to Heroes 400. Repeat winner (4 wins)—Denny Hamlin.  FAVORITE (2 wins): Alex Bowman—Season sweep at Richmond.  NEXT FAVORITE (3 wins):  Kyle Larson—nice rebound after last week’s “Video Game” ending.  DARK HORSE (3 wins): Tyler Reddick—heck of a way to get your first win, huh?

Spade Racing Opens a Box of 2021 Panini Chronicles Nascar Cards, Pack 4 of 6

Join us (well, me) as we/I go through a box of super-exclusive 2021 Panini Chronicles Nascar Cards, pack-by-pack, week-by-week.

Pack 4—The Maple Leaf, distance grief, and smiling sans teeth

FIRST LOOK: Raphael Lessard kicks off this Canadian-flavoured pack—with a limited-edition card, no less!  Almost makes up for him losing his ride well before these cards were released, huh?

TO THE BACK: 90 miles from your home, Alex?  OK—first of all, wouldn’t you use kilometers?  And by your logic the fact that I grew up 20 miles from John Wilkes Booth’s birthplace means I should be shooting people at plays.

SAY WHAT: “I’m not Canadian, but I’ll use my hockey-hair to fit in”.

RATING: 2 mispronunciations of “Mosport” out of 10

Monday Cigarettes to Release Custom 52 Pickup Racing Vape Flavor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Boogertown, North Carolina)

Much like NASCAR, the tobacco industry is one that is constantly changing, with new technologies aimed at adapting to an ever-evolving customer base.  Monday Cigarettes is no exception, having recently entered the e-Cigarette “Vape” market.  And soon, MonVape will allow its customers to experience a race weekend like never before, with a custom 52 Pickup Racing flavor of Vape cartridge.

“The MonVape program is one near and dear to us here at the Monday Tobacco Company”, said Edgar Jacobs, Director of Marketing at Monday Cigarettes.  “And so is our sponsorship program with 52 Pickup Racing.  Because just like racing, vaping is technologically advanced, embraced by the forward-thinking, and highly addictive.”

“I honestly have no idea how they did it, but they did it”, said T.B. Dee, driver of the #52 MonVape Racing Flavor race car.  “I took a ‘hit’ from a vape pen and it was like I was at the track.  The smell of burning rubber, the aroma of gasoline, the cool breeze from cars wooshing by.  And they even made it so when you puff it, it makes a little noise like a tire gun on a pit stop!”

“Our customers are always looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy the great taste of Monday-brand tobacco, and vaping is just the latest one” said Jacobs.  “The MonVape project is just another way to make sure our customers stay with us for a very long time.  Well, not TOO long, of course.”

QUOTES: “Smells like racing, tastes like racing, sounds like racing—and when I’m vaping in a long line at the drive-thru before dinner, it even looks and feels like racing for 52 Pickup Racing!” —T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Pickup Racing Monday Cigarettes race car.

“We’re always happy to promote new products for our primary sponsor, Monday Cigarettes.  Especially since they pay for the new vinyl wraps.” —Luther Bonin, co-owner of 52 Pickup Racing.

ABOUT 52 PICKUP RACING: 52 Pickup Racing is NASCAR Cup’s newest race team.  Based out of Boogertown North Carolina, the team employs up-and-coming driver T.B. Dee and hopes that MonVape’s next innovation is Martinsville Hot Dog Flavored.

For more information please visit the 52 Pickup Racing website at www.52pickupracing.com

For all media inquiries please contact Moxoc Media at moxoc(at)moxoc.com

Spade Racing 2021 Nascar Cup Series Playoff Preview: Pros and Cons (and Odds...and Predictions)

Believe it or not the 2021 Nascar Cup Series “Regular Season” is over.  That means that we’re entering the Playoffs (for the last time its not the Chase anymore!) with 16 drivers having a theoretical shot at winning the Championship.  Here’s a look at the Playoff lineup and odds (provided by our own in-house prognosticator Uncle Max) at winning it all

#=Round Eliminated

1. Kyle Larson (Hendrick Motorsports) 52 Playoff Points.  PROS: Regular season champion.  Chevy’s have been strong all season long.  No longer has to deal with the crushing weight of expectations from running a Kyle Petty throwback.  CONS: Past Playoff performance has been poor.  All four Hendrick teams made the Playoffs this year (resources stretched thin?).  Could be another dumb joke away from another suspension.  ODDS: 4:1

2. Ryan Blaney (Team Penske) 24 Playoff Points.  PROS: Has come on strong as of late.  Penske has shown willingness to support their top driver in a Playoff run.  Ability to drown out Matt DiBenedetto’s whining.  CONS: Will be tough to keep up the pace.  Competing with two experienced teammates.  Bright neon yellow cars don’t inspire confidence.  ODDS: 8:1

3. Martin Truex Jr. (Joe Gibbs Racing) 24 Playoff Points.  PROS: Championship experience.  Can win on almost any type of track.  Anywhere he races is his home.  CONS: Toyotas haven’t been super-strong this year.  Will have three teammates to contend with.  The last time a 19 car competed for a championship it didn’t end well.  ODDS: 6:1

4. Kyle Busch (JGR) 22 Playoff Points  PROS: Only multiple-time champion in the Playoff field.  Has shown a Tony Stewart-like ability to “flip the switch”.  No more pressure of winning 100 Xfinity Series races.  CONS: Has been far from dominant.  Could let one bad run spoil it.  Has shown a Tony Stewart-like ability to “flip out”.  ODDS: 6:1

5. Chase Elliott (HMS) 21 Playoff Points  PROS: Defending champion.  Comes in with four-straight top-tens.  In the event of a dead-heat tie will win the fan applause tie-breaker competition.  CONS: Bowman, Byron, and Larson all competing as well.  Denny Hamlin wants to punt him in the wall.  Unknown if he still has the N-N-N-Napa Know How to win it all again.  ODDS: 5:1

6. Alex Bowman (HMS) 15 Playoff Points  PROS: Having best season to date.  Strong Chevy’s.  Really really cool nickname.  CONS: Has yet to show he can truly “dominate”.  No top-fives since Atlanta.  Lack of rotating sponsorship may be disconcerting.  ODDS: 12:1

7. Denny Hamlin (JGR) 15 Playoff Points  PROS: Regular season runner-up.  Best active driver not to win a championship (yet).  More consistent than a robotic Mark Martin this year.  CONS: Can he “close the deal”?  Teammates all made the Playoffs.  The whole “no wins thing”, probably.  ODDS: 5:1

8. William Byron (HMS) 14 Playoff Points  PROS: Has the strongest manufacturer this year.  Runner-up finish two weeks ago.  Racing the #24 is never a bad thing.  CONS: Finished 37th last week.  Only win came at Homestead months ago.  STILL no nickname.  ODDS: 50:1

9. Joey Logano (Penske) 13 Playoff Points  PROS: Former champion.  Has shown he can win stages.  Best Pennzoil-sponsored driver ever.  CONS: Four straight sub-20th place finishes.  Been “good, not great” all year long.  Denny Hamlin seen practicing his punting skills.  ODDS: 20:1

10. Brad Keselowski (Penske) 8 Playoff Points  PROS: Former champion.  All focus on 2021.  Wants that giant glass of beer again.  CONS: IS all focus on 2021?  Three sub-20th place finishes in past four races.  Constant phone calls from Jack Roush.  ODDS: 20:1

11. Kurt Busch (Ganassi)  8 Playoff Points  PROS: Has been super-consistent since Olympic break.  Former champion.  No, seriously—he won the championship in 2004.  CONS: Team (and driver) in a state of change for next year.  Ganassi has never contended for a championship in Nascar.  Unsolicited advice from Jimmie Johnson.  ODDS: 50:1

12. Christopher Bell (JGR)  5 Playoff Points  PROS: With a strong team.  Has shown he can rise to the occasion at a race.  “C.Bell” just sounds cool.  CONS: Very little experience.  Not coming into the Playoffs strong.  Is a JGR driver not named “Busch”, “Hamlin”, or “Truex Jr.”.  ODDS: 100:1

13. Michael McDowell (Front Row Motorsports) 5 Playoff Points  PROS: Nothing to lose (free to gamble).  Total team focus is on him.  Stranger things have happened.  CONS: Team is mid-level at best.  Team might leave Cup after this year.  Team.  ODDS: 10,000:1

14. Aric Almirola (Stewart Haas Racing) 5 Playoff Points  PROS: Five straight top-20 finishes.  Could “sneak through” with consistency.  Everybody loves bacon.  CONS: SHR has been dreadful so far this year.  Never truly contended for a championship before.  “Lady Luck” could be a vegetarian.  ODDS: 200:1

15. Tyler Reddick (Richard Childress Racing) 3 Playoff Points  PROS: RCR has shown improvement over the past two years.  Full focus will be on him.  Maybe black and yellow CATs are lucky.  CONS: Very little experience.  RCR is still not an “elite” organization.  Fans may confuse him with JJ Reddick and boo him.  ODDS: 500:1

16. Kevin Harvick (SHR) 2 Playoff Points  PROS: Past champion.  Knows how to win when the pressure is on.  Is Kevin freakin Harvick.  CONS: No wins this year.  SHR having issues.  Its Kevin freakin Harvick and he’s seeded last.  ODDS: 100:1

A Weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park: The Road to Indy goes through Millville

This past weekend I covered the “Road to Indy” races at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ (aka That Place Mike Trout is From).  The “Road to Indy” is a collection of three developmental series meant to lead to a career in IndyCar (see, not everyone there is an F1 washout!).  The two series running at NJMP were US F2000 (step one) and the confusingly similarly-named Indy Pro 2000 (step two).  These two series typically compete together at smaller road racing venues—the final step before IndyCar is the better-know Indy Lights Series, which runs companion events to IndyCar (like Xfinity but with less Kyle Busch).  Below are the pictures, but CLICK HERE for some EXCLUSIVE videos on my YouTube channel!

The weather varied from overcast to drizzly, so rain tires were at the ready.  Ironic considering that between the two days of racing, we had the 3 lap parade in F1

Most of the teams had Nascar/Indy-style haulers, varying from Cup powerhouse-level rigs to "I bought this at the MWR auction" trailers

A standard US F2000 car--and no, "F2000" doesn't mean that it's 1999 steps below F1

I felt like I should've been seeing this closer to Halloween

The crews are small (and so are the drivers)

A car crosses the start/finish line in qualifying.  Notice the high-tech soft wall in the background

Pace laps in misty conditions, although I'm much more used to "MSTie" conditions

The Road to Indy has a decent online streaming presence, but nowhere near what Nascar has for Xfinity, Trucks, ARCA, East/West and even SimRacing for that matter.  Still, its miles better than sprint cars.

Always great to see a first-time winner--Myles Rowe in victory lane after Race 2 of the US F2000 series

Myles Rowe's race-winning car, possibly paying tribute to Jeff Burton and/or Carl Edwards

Things aren't exactly state-of-the-art in the lower ranks

Myles' parents

Champagne shower in Victory Lane

Millville! Home of NJMP, Mike Trout...and not much else

Indy Pro 2000 Race #2 winner Artem Petrov (second from right)

Spade Racing presents Uncle Max vs. Repeat Winners: Darlington

Its the Uncle Max NFL Preview Spectacular!  Here’s my picks for the 2021 Season:

NFC East: Washington Football Team

NFC North: Packers

NFC South: Buccaneers

NFC West: Cardinals

NFC Wild Cards: Seahawks, Saints, Vikings

AFC East: Dolphins

AFC North: Steelers

AFC South: Titans

AFC West: Chiefs

AFC Wild Cards: Ravens, Browns, Raiders

Most Improved Teams: Dolphins, Cardinals

Most Disappointing Teams: Browns, Rams

AFC Championship Game: Chiefs 35 - Steelers 17

NFC Championship Game: Buccaneers 31 - Packers 28 (OT)

Super Bowl (yes, a rematch!) Chiefs 42 - Buccaneers 38

Saturday Afternoon XFINITY SERIES VFW Help a Hero (1 win): Denny Hamlin—the 54 car continues to dominate.

Sunday Afternoon TRUCK SERIES In it to Win it 200 (4 wins): Zane Smith—but in our hearts we’ll still be in Canada.

Sunday Night CUP SERIES Cook Out Southern 500. Repeat winner (4 wins)—Ryan Blaney.  FAVORITE (2 wins): Alex Bowman—a little out of the box to break Repeat’s streak.  NEXT FAVORITE (2 wins):  Denny Hamlin—first win of the year in a weekend sweep.  DARK HORSE (3 wins): William Byron—crazy to think that Kevin freakin’ Harvick could soon be eligible as a Dark Horse pick.