Monday, January 16, 2023

Track “Facts”: Darlington

Nascar races on all sorts of tracks, from short to long, oval to road course, concrete to asphalt.  Here’s a weekly look at all the tracks of Nascar’s National Touring Series.


1.366 mile asphalt egg-shaped oval (well, kinda)

Opened 1950

Lights?  Yes

Series: Cup, Xfinity, Trucks

Nicknames: The Lady in Black, The Track Too Tough to Tame, A Tradition of Heritage


1. Darlington got its (not-quite) egg shape in an attempt to avoid building over a minnow pond.  You’ll probably hear this an average of 3.5 times over a televised race weekend.

2. In 1997 the track’s layout was flipped, with the old frontstretch becoming the new backstretch and vice versa.  This might sound odd, but it STILL made more sense than taking away their Labor Day Weekend race date a few years later.

3. In recent years Darlington has instituted a popular “Throwback Weekend”, something beloved by most fans and disliked by the bitterest people on the planet (so, basically, most racing forum denizens). updated four times weekly

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