With Fantasy Football Season right around the corner, here’s some advice from a FF veteran of over 20 years:

—Pick a running back first.  Seriously—unless you’re picking last in a 12+ team league, go with a running back first.

—Pick a QB second.  And remember to pick the best available—not just the one you happen to like because he liked a comment of yours on Twitter.

—From the third pick on you’re into “Best Player Available” territory.  Don’t worry so much about filling out your roster, as much as assembling the best quality you can.  Just make sure you don’t wind up with eight wide receivers, this isn’t the early-90’s Detroit Lions.

—Don’t bog down the draft with trade ideas—that’s what the day after is for.

—Don’t overthink things—its better to make a dull-expected pick and win than it is to pick an obscure tight end and lose.

—If your last pick isn’t a kicker, you’d better be in a league that doesn’t HAVE kickers.

Saturday Night TRUCK SERIES Worldwide Express 250: John Hunter Nemechek—come on JHN—lets get rid of that goose-egg!

XFINITY SERIES (6 wins): off

Sunday CUP SERIES Federated 400: LAST RACE’S WINNER picks Kevin Harvick.  THE ROULETTE WHEEL picks 32nd in points Cody Ware.  FAVORITE (2 wins): Chase Elliott—taking a week off from extra Playoff entrants.  NEXT FAVORITE (2 wins): Kyle Busch—a nice comeback from last weekend’s crash.  DARK HORSE (2 wins): Bubba Wallace—though he might run out of breath thanking all his sponsors.

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