Musically Declined: Stock Car Racing’s Entertainers of the Year, The All American Stock Car Racing Fan/The Winner

Stock Car Racing and Country Music—two pillars of culture in the Southern United States.  And the two have mingled throughout the years.  So put on your racing shoes, make sure they match your cowboy hat, and settle in for a look back at some of Nascar’s biggest stars turned Nashville wannabes!

The Songs: The All American Stock Car Racing Fan by Hiett/Marshall & The Winner by Jeannie Seely

The Stars: James Hylton & Cale Yarborough

The Clip: 

The Review: Wow—James’ song sounds like something from the 1940’s.  The fiddles are in full-effect for a guy who was old twenty years before he was REALLY old.  At least he can say he’s the best SINGER to ever driver the 48 car.  On the flip side, Cale Yarborough is back to drone through a song about winning.  Seriously—if your voice is cracking and you’re not between the ages of 12-16, do NOT attempt to sing.

The Verdict: Surprisingly good meets unsurprisingly bad.