Spade Racing Opens a Box of 2022 Donruss Nascar Cards, Pack 15 of 24

Join us (well, me) as we/I go through a box of 2022 Donruss Nascar Cards.  New teams, new drivers, new subsets, and of course some corny commentary by me.

Pack 15—Pitch Black’d, Action Packed, and a Trophy that Lacked

My main memories of Mtn Dew Pitch Black (the sour grape flavored one) is that it made my burps smell like grape soda for hours afterwards.  Meh, better than milk, right Kasey?

Again, I really like this Action Packed comic book-style layout.  But a bit of odd wording with “Austin’s COTA”—Austin Texas, not Austin Dillon.  Yet.

“I really wish they had more-evocative trophy for Indianapolis than a brick.  Maybe a football team arriving in the middle of the night, or two aging open wheel racing fans arguing incessantly.”

RATING: 7 splitters out of 10 updated four times weekly

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