The Kimi Raikkonen Dictionary: The Ice Man Decoded

Today we see a pair of debuts at Watkins Glen—Project 91, a new internationally-focused part-time team from Trackhouse Racing, and its driver Kimi Raikkonen.  Both will be making their first Cup Series outings, and while Project 91 is easy to understand (a test team meant to drum up international interest in the team and sport), Kimi might be a little more difficult to understand.  So here’s a quick glossary of what you might here from the former F1 champion.

“Bwoah”—a common way for Kimi to start a response.  Similar to Rusty Wallace’s “I’ll tell ya” but much less insufferable.

“Just leave me alone, I know what to do!”—Kimi indicating over the radio that he is handling the situation at hand on his own and does not require any assistance.  This is something almost every driver does (albeit with far more profanity), but only Bubba Wallace gets criticized for.

“I was having a s---“—an explanation as to why he may miss certain pre-race ceremonies and responsibilities.  Extremely important at Watkins Glen, as this was where Tony Stewart pioneered the “brown flag stop”.

“I’m not here to try and please people”—Kimi indicating the importance of focus, rather than sponsor or media obligations.  I’m guessing virtually every driver in the sport has wanted to say this.

“I need the drink”—two meanings: 1.) He’s thirsty in the middle of the race and is having problems accessing the in-car hydration system, or 2.) He’s at an awards ceremony and wants to get plastered. updated four times weekly

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