The drive to improve has been ingrained in Special Protective Advance Defense Department Detachment (SPAD3) Racing since its founding a few months back.  That has continued throughout the season, as the team has formed numerous alliances and agreements to get the latest and greatest parts in its race cars.

“We’re really happy with these new manifolds”, said fabricator Keith Howard.  “Put together with the progress we’re making on our speedway cars, they should be easily worth the gold bullion we paid for them.”

Lewis Hamilton, the team’s business manager, stressed the importance of exploiting the team’s relationships around the sport.

“NASCAR is a lot like the world of international espionage—it moves fast”, Hamilton said, “and that’s why we always need to stay one step ahead of the competition.  Whether its new parts, new agreements, or new technology, its worth its weight in gold.

“And I mean that literally”, Hamilton added, “we pay for all our parts in .999 gold bullion, either in coins or bars.  It ensures a quick, seamless transaction that cannot be traced.  But perhaps I’ve said too much.”

As if to confirm his final comment, Hamilton was taken away by several security guards to a small room for an indeterminate amount of time.

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