Special Protective Advance Defense Department Detachment (SPAD3) Racing has taken on a decidedly international flair lately, forming several alliances with Formula 1 teams and suppliers.

"Bengal Tiger"

“We’re always happy to work with anyone who shares the same goals as us”, said team principal Kent Simms.  “By gaining crucial information from around the globe, we don’t think there will be anything stopping us.”

The team was surprisingly coy about revealing what team or teams they are actually working with.

“Well, we don’t have all the contracts taken care of yet”, Simms explained, “but we do have a guest from one of our new partners—Bengal Tiger, come over here!”

“Thank you Ice Bear”, the man known only as Bengal Tiger said.  “I’m glad to be working with such a…fine, upstanding organization.  I hope that by working together, we can help eliminate our common enemies, by which I mean losing.”

Bengal Tiger continued by saying, “This is a message for Green Panther—if Titan has rendezvous, continue as planned with Operation Viking.  If not, eliminate Titan at once.”

The team said they plan to formally announce their partners after a summit meeting this upcoming weekend.

“We have big plans ahead”, Simms said, “and the racing media will know about them all in due time.”

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