Sunday, June 5, 2022

Spade Racing Presents: The World Wide Technology Cup Series Debut Drinking Game

As is tradition around here, here’s a fun drinking game for anyone watching Nascar Cup Series’ first visit to World Wide Technology Raceway (aka “Gateway!”)


SIP Whenever…

—any focus on Rusty, Russ, Kenny, or Bubba Wallace happens

—Denny Hamlin gets caught speeding on pit road

—Ricky Stenhouse Jr. causes a caution

—someone mentions how the track is NEAR St. Louis but IN Illinois

—The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team is mentioned

DRINK Whenever…

—Mike Joy seems irritated

—the track’s layout is compared to Darlington

—the race goes into Overtime for legitimate reasons

—someone curses on the radio

—The St. Louis Blues hockey team is mentioned

FINISH Your Bottle/Can/Glass Whenever…

—a RWR car is on the lead lap in Stage 2 or 3

—there’s a confrontation on pit road

—Clint Bowyer makes a salient point

—The St. Louis Cardinals football team is mentioned updated four times weekly

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