Monday, June 6, 2022

Musically Declined: Stock Car Racing’s Entertainers of the Year, Moderation/The People Who Love Me

Stock Car Racing and Country Music—two pillars of culture in the Southern United States.  And the two have mingled throughout the years.  So put on your racing shoes, make sure they match your cowboy hat, and settle in for a look back at some of Nascar’s biggest stars turned Nashville wannabes!

The Song: Moderation by J.Barlow & The People Who Love Me by Mark Morrell

The Stars: Ned Jarrett and Kyle Petty

The Clip: 

The Review: Gentleman Ned kicks things off with a spoken-word introduction called “Moderation” for some strange reason.  Then we kick things off properly with one of the few Nascar drivers with a modicum of musical talent, Kyle Petty.  I don’t know if he’s singing in a falsetto or if he just went through a very late puberty after this song was released.  Oh, and Kyle—I think people were far more worried about you getting beat up for your long hair.

The Verdict: Kinda repetitive but a decent song.