Monday, June 27, 2022


Special Protective Advance Defense Department Detachment (SPAD3) Racing has turned some heads in the NASCAR world this year as the series’ newest team.  Today it was because of an announcement of a mysterious new racing fuel the team has been developing all year.

First test of the new fuel

“This new fuel is far more efficient than your standard fossil-based racing fuel” said team engineer Bart Williams.  “Race cars can get up to 12 miles a gallon on this stuff—and it has relatively few side-effects.”

“Look, everybody hates the smell of gasoline, right?”, said team public relations director Stacey Fox.  “Well, this fuel isn’t just clean-burning—its clean-SMELLING too.  You’ll barely even notice its there as you become docile and compliant.”

The team’s secretive yet robust research-and-development program has been working on several projects, most of which have yet to be revealed in full to the general public.

“We’re hoping to submit this racing fuel concept to NASCAR for approval by the end of the calendar year”, Williams said.  “Once they see this in action they’ll have no choice but to agree to it, as well as some other things we’re working on, like our weather-disruption device—no more rain delays!”

As to the contents, source, and methodology behind the fuel itself, that remains a closely-guarded trade secret.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss the source of this amazing new technology”, Fox said.  “But I’m sure that once the racing public catches wind of its benefits, nobody will care where it came from.”

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