Monday, June 20, 2022

Musically Declined: Stock Car Racing’s Entertainers of the Year, Wizard of the Wheel

Stock Car Racing and Country Music—two pillars of culture in the Southern United States.  And the two have mingled throughout the years.  So put on your racing shoes, make sure they match your cowboy hat, and settle in for a look back at some of Nascar’s biggest stars turned Nashville wannabes!

The Song: Wizard of the Wheel by Kelly Delaney & Carbaugh Mann

The Star: Dick Brooks

The Clip: 

The Review: Um, Dick?  You might’ve wanted to request a redo on these lyrics.  You rush through the first few words of every verse to fit the meter, and mention racing toy cars “till the veins stood out (your) neck”.  And if you were a real wizard of the wheel, couldn’t you have magically made the Junie Donlavey cars faster?

The Verdict: Utterly forgettable (if not for the lyrics).