Sunday, March 12, 2023

Who The Heck is…Sammy Smith?

Yesterday Sammy Smith won his first Xfinity Series race, beating the stars of Nascar’s second-tier series, as well as a few Cup drivers dropping down for an “easy” win (Kyle Busch, I’m looking in your direction).  But who IS this driver who has suddenly popped onto the national racing scene?  Let’s find out!

Sammy’s family is friends with the Annett family, as in Michael Annett, which explains the Pilot/FlyingJ sponsorship.  On the flip side, unlike Annett, Sammy seems to actually have, y’know, talent.

Prior to this year Sammy has competed in such diverse series as CARS and ARCA.  And let’s take a good long second to admire the the CARS Series, the most-generic sounding name in motorsports since “Team Racing”.

Speaking of ARCA, Sammy raced there last year for Kyle Busch Motorsports, winning the East Series championship for the second-straight year.  Its helpful to know that KBM continues to make stars for teams Kyle doesn’t race for.

With yesterday’s win Sammy Smith becomes the youngest-ever winner in the Xfinity/Nationwide/Busch Series.  While I don’t have time to look it up, I’m going to assume the record was previous held by either Joey Logano or Casey Atwood.

Smith has won such prestigious regional races as the Winchester 400, Redbud 400, Farmer Frank’s Challenge, and Florida Governor’s Cup—and its up to YOU to determine which of those I made up. updated four times weekly

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