Thursday, March 16, 2023

Nascar Race Picks: Uncle Max vs. The Tarot Deck—Atlanta

First off, congratulations to whatever dark forces control the Tarot Deck on their first win of the year.  But more-importantly, its March Madness time!  Here’s my five biggest pieces of advice to have a shot at winning your office pool:

1. At least one 12-seed will beat a 5-seed.

2. Gonzaga always chokes at some point.

3. With 1, 2, & 3 seeds, chalk is your friend.

4. When in doubt, pick a power conference.

5. If you’re still in doubt, pick the team closest to the site of the game.

…and of course, have fun—because you know that Theresa in accounting who picked winners based on schools her friends went to will somehow win it all.

Saturday Afternoon TRUCK SERIES FR8 208: John Hunter Nemechek--Gee, its a good thing 10,000 RPM Equipment never sponsored a race.

Saturday Evening XFINITY SERIES Raptor 250: Josh Berry—Nascar’s new super-sub (he’s good--Greg Sacks good!).

Sunday CUP SERIES Ambetter 400:  The Tarot Deck (1 win) selects The Ace of Pentacles, first in points Alex Bowman.  FAVORITE: Ryan Blaney—back to back wins (he won here last year) after back-to-back wins.  NEXT FAVORITE: Kyle Busch—Two-time winners twice in a row.  DARK HORSE: Erik Jones—hopefully RP doesn’t complain too much in victory lane. updated four times weekly

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