Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Spade Racing Opens a Box of Panini PRIZM Cards, Part 10 of 12

Pack 10: Who IS She, Winning Denny, and Getting Crazy

FIRST LOOK: Brittney Zamora has made zero national touring series starts, but I’ve kept getting cards of her for the past few years.  Who the heck IS she and how can I get her PR rep?

TO THE BACK: 47 wins is a pretty impressive total for any driver, but even more-impressively Denny has done it all for one team (JGR), in a car with one number (11) and with really only one primary sponsor (FedEx)—now THAT’S consistency!

SAY WHAT: “Whatever you’re doing, make sure you’re watching the last lap at Martinsville.  Trust me.”

RATING: 7 Wall Rides out of 10

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