Musically Declined: Kyle Petty, Nothing a Little Love Won’t Cure

Kyle Petty—racer, philanthropist, commentator, and musician!  Kyle’s musical exploits have been going on since the 80’s, but just how good are they?  Let’s take a look back at the songs of Nascar’s favorite long-haired scion.

The Song: Nothing a Little Love Won’t Cure

The Star: Kyle Petty

The Clip:

The Review: Kyle Petty once wrote that “as a songwriter, I’m a pretty good singer”, and boy is that true here.  One of Kyle’s first performances (coming in 1988 on TNN) unfortunately shows off his rather-thin voice.  We can give him a pass on his vocal limitations to nervousness, but we CANNOT let that pink sweater go unpunished.

The Verdict: OK for a first effort, but Kyle could’ve gone for whatever the opposite of helium is. updated four times weekly

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