Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Spade Racing Opens Classic “Blaster Boxes” and Premiere Sets

Recently I acquired a collection of Nascar cards from the past thirty years.  Most of it was unopened “Blaster Boxes” (those things you see near checkout at big box stores) as well as a few early-90’s “Premiere Sets”.  Lets open them and see what’s inside!

Tracks 2007 Box 1 Part 1—Kahne’s car, son of a star, and going far

FIRST LOOK: On the one hand I always liked this paint scheme—a nice interplay of red and white with some black accents.  On the other hand, that front splitter—YEESH.

TO THE BACK: So Steve(n) Wallace has two career Bristol starts, an average starting position of second, and one first.  So he started third in his other race.  Yay public school math skills.

SAY WHAT: "Ah, geez, the trash can’s so far away—what am I gonna do with this tear-away?"

RATING: 3 on-screen graphics out of 10