Monday, November 15, 2021

52 Pickup Racing, Monday Cigarettes to Part Ways

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Boogertown, North Carolina)

52 Pickup Racing regrets to inform its fan base that as of the upcoming NASCAR Cup season finale, Monday Cigarettes will no longer be serving at the team’s primary sponsor into 2022.

“Its definitely a disappointment, but these things happen”, said Ray Hayworth, one of the fifty-two co-owners of 52 Pickup Racing.  “We thank Monday Cigarettes and everyone at Monday Tobacco for their generous support this year.  We wish we could’ve had a top-ten, top-twenty, or top-thirty finish to give them, but we’ll close out this season as strong as we can.”

“This is certainly a melancholy day for us”, said T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Pickup Racing race car.  “Monday Cigarettes has done a lot for us, and I’d like to think that we’ve built some friendships that will last a lifetime.  But I’m already looking to the positives—look, I got ‘melancholy’ as my word of the day on my calendar.  I never knew what it meant.”

A representative for Monday Tobacco said that “…we are always looking to adjust and refine our marketing budget.  As of 2022, we will no longer be allocating any funds to the ‘OTHER’ portion of our expenditures.”

52 Pickup Racing is seeking new primary sponsors for the 2022 season.

QUOTES: “It’ll be tough not saying I’m the driver of the ‘#52 Monday Cigarettes race car’ anymore.  Who knew that cigarettes could be so difficult to quit?” —T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Pickup Racing Monday Cigarettes race car.

“We have nowhere to go but up.  Unless, of course, we just stay here at the bottom.” —Ray Hayworth, co-owner of 52 Pickup Racing.

ABOUT 52 PICKUP RACING: 52 Pickup Racing is NASCAR Cup’s newest race team.  Based out of Boogertown North Carolina, the team employs up-and-coming driver T.B. Dee and would really, really, REALLY appreciate any sponsorship leads.

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