Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Spade Racing Opens Classic “Blaster Boxes” and Premiere Sets

Recently I acquired a collection of Nascar cards from the past thirty years.  Most of it was unopened “Blaster Boxes” (those things you see near checkout at big box stores) as well as a few early-90’s “Premiere Sets”.  Lets open them and see what’s inside!

Press Pass Premiere Part 3—Jeff’s young, Brett’s unsung, and what Derrike brung

FIRST LOOK: A *very* young Jeff Gordon points off into the distance.  Hey Jeff—take some advice from your future self and shave the mustache post-haste.  And possibly consider a prenup.

TO THE BACK: No, Brett, we all know you and Geoff are not the same person.  YOUR win came via a fluke scoring error.

SAY WHAT: “The only thing I don’t like about racing?  Having all those women banging down the door of my hotel room every night.  Oh, what a curse to be born beautiful”.

RATING: 2 90’s mustaches out of 10