Monday, November 8, 2021

52 Pickup Racing Making Show Car Available for Special Events

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Boogertown, North Carolina)

If you ever wanted to bring the excitement of NASCAR to your latest big event, here’s your chance!  52 Pickup Racing has a limited availability for its 2021 NASCAR Cup show car throughout the eastern United States.

“Bill France Sr. himself once said that fans ‘need to be able to touch it’”, said George Pennington, one of the fifty-two co-owners of 52 Pickup Racing.  “Well, now fans can do just that—they can touch, see, and hear a real-life NASCAR stock car.  Just don’t kick the tires, those things cost money.”

“Its always a thrill to be able to see an actual race car up close, without having to go to the race track”, said T.B. Dee, driver of the #52 Monday Cigarettes race car.  “Now fans all over can see one of our retired race cars at a grand opening, county fair, graduation party, confirmation, birthday party—you name it.”

The specific race car—nicknamed 52PU001 by the team—was retired from service after the final “plate” race of the year at Talladega.

“This is the same race car that scaled the high banks of Daytona and Talladega”, Pennington said.  “Plus it also ran at Pocono and California.  And we jerry-rigged it to run a few road courses.  What we’re trying to say is, this baby has some miles on it, and it can log a few more around your driveway for your 10th anniversary party next weekend.”

Those interested in renting the show car should contact 52 Pickup Racing through social media or phone—please, no walk ups.

QUOTES: “If you find some gum under the seat, please don’t touch it.” —T.B. Dee, driver of the 52 Pickup Racing Monday Cigarettes race car.

“We’re very negotiable on price, but we’re talking four-figures here.  We cannot go lower than $49.95.” —George Pennington, co-owner of 52 Pickup Racing.

ABOUT 52 PICKUP RACING: 52 Pickup Racing is NASCAR Cup’s newest race team.  Based out of Boogertown North Carolina, the team employs up-and-coming driver T.B. Dee and is looking for anyone with a flat-bed trailer available on Saturdays.

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