Sunday, November 7, 2021

Learn to Speak English the Denny Hamlin Way!

Last week Denny Hamlin unveiled a new word in his description of Chase Elliott fans, saying that they couldn’t think “straightly”.  Unbeknownst to most Nascar fans, Denny has been creating his own vocabulary for some time now.  Here’s a look at some entries in the Denny Hamlin Dictionary:

Straightly (adverb): to move in a relatively straight line, figuratively or literally.  Example: “The sponsors went straightly away from Matt Kenseth”

Focusment (noun): the act of placing an unusual amount of focus on something.  Example: “There is an unusual amount of focusment on Denny and Alex (Bowman) this weekend.”

Wallaced (verb): 1. to be collected in a wreck by Bubba Wallace trying to collect his own car.  Example: “We got Wallaced—now watch him cry in the post-race interview”.  2. (antiquated) to throw a water bottle at one’s rival.

Bowlock (verb): to impede the celebration of a competitor.  Example: “Even though I made the Championship 4 I’m going to Bowlock that guy right before his finish line interview.”

Joeyd (adverb): getting beaten by a driver (or drivers) who are exceedingly irritating.  Example: “I got Joyed by that goofy kid from Connecticut.”

Avoison (noun): 1. to skillfully avoid controversy in route to winning a championship.  Example: “We had some real avoision on the track today, we’re champions!”.  2. to skillfully avoid controversy in route to skirting Nascar’s team ownership limits.