Spade Racing 2x4: Christopher Bell vs. Tyler Reddick, May Report

Spade Racing has watched the 2020 Cup Series Rookie Class winnow down from six full-time drivers to only two entering their fourth season at the sport’s highest level: Christopher Bell and Tyler Reddick.  We’ll keep following them, but here’s how things look going into the Spring Kansas race:

This 2x4 represents the 2x4 series of articles, as
well as Cole Custer's performance bar one race

POINTS STANDINGS: Both drivers have been great—much greater than expected—but Christopher Bell has been greater-er, currently sitting second in points behind only Ross Chastain.  Tyler Reddick is a respectable sixth after a somewhat slow start to the year—now he just has to make sure that Ross doesn’t try to lap him.  Advantage: BELL

BEST FINISH: Both Bell and Reddick have one win each, so this is a draw.  No, I don’t go to second-best finishes like the points system does in the event of a tie.  Advantage: push

PERFORMANCE RELATIVE TO TEAMMATES: Much like before Christopher Bell is ahead of all three of his teammates—all of which are in the top-twenty in points.  Reddick has put himself well-ahead of teammate and sponsor-magnet Bubba Wallace, who sits in 21st.  Advantage: BELL

FINAL SCORE: Its still a close one, but not as close as before, as, CHRISTOPHER BELL puts a small amount of distance between himself and Tyler Reddick.  Now lets all go back to complaining about the weather in Delaware. updated four times weekly

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