Musically Declined: Kyle Petty, Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Kyle Petty—racer, philanthropist, commentator, and musician!  Kyle’s musical exploits have been going on since the 80’s, but just how good are they?  Let’s take a look back at the songs of Nascar’s favorite long-haired scion.

The Song: Keep Your Hands to Yourself (by The Georgia Satellites)

The Star: Kyle Petty

The Clip:

The Review: I don’t know if this was an impromptu performance (which would explain the iPhone for lyrics) but Kyle does a pretty good job covering a well-known country-rock classic.  What’s even more important?  He seems to be having plenty of fun at this charity event.

The Verdict: A nice take on a well-known song.  “We all ALMOST made it.  The Georgia Satellites ALMOST made it.” updated four times weekly

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