Musically Declined: Kyle Petty, Another Chance

Kyle Petty—racer, philanthropist, commentator, and musician!  Kyle’s musical exploits have been going on since the 80’s, but just how good are they?  Let’s take a look back at the songs of Nascar’s favorite long-haired scion.

The Song: Another Chance

The Star: Kyle Petty

The Clip:

The Review: So as I stated last year, I’m not much of a country music fan.  But then again, with some songs there isn’t much of a difference between a love ballad and a COUNTRY love ballad between the instruments and the accents.  I could easily picture a thirty-something New Yorker singing this song in a hipster bar—probably with the same ponytail!

The Verdict: OK song, though a little odd to start each chorus with “So I text…”. updated four times weekly

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