Nascar Race Picks: Uncle Max vs. The Tarot Deck—Darlington Throwback Weekend

This year's throwback scheme, in honor of
Nascar's 75th season, is the Neil Bonnett
RahMoc Valvoline look.
You know, its strange working somewhere that you know you’ll be leaving soon.  Since I’m just transferring locations its not like I can just treat this like senior year of high school, but I still feel like I’m moving on, if that makes any sense.  While I’ll be glad to be rid of some of the customers I’ve dealt with here (especially that one person who always parks like three inches away from my car—YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, GRAY SUV) I’ll miss some of the great employees I’ve worked with over the past seven years or so.  I’m sure I’ll still see some of them once in a while, but let’s be real—saying you’re going to “stay in touch” with old co-workers is usually an empty promise.

Friday Night TRUCK SERIES (1 win) Buckle Up 200: Corey Heim—bonus points to Corey for coming up with a nickname that lets us know how to pronounce his last name.

Saturday Afternoon XFINITY SERIES (1 win) Shriners 200: Josh Berry—here’s hoping he does his victory lap in a little car with a fez.

Sunday CUP SERIES Goodyear 400:  The Tarot Deck (1 win) selects the Seven of Pentacles, 7th in points Ryan Blaney.  FAVORITE: Denny Hamlin—always a threat to win at Darlington.  NEXT FAVORITE: Kevin Harvick—always a threat to have an inscrutable throwback scheme.  DARK HORSE: Josh Berry—always a threat to (ironically) be the next Alex Bowman. updated four times weekly

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