Saturday, November 5, 2022

Ross Chastain Preparing to Cover Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

One week after Martinsville and race fans everywhere are still talking about Ross Chastain’s daring “Wall Ride”.  Well, that talk will soon be set to music, as Chastain has announced he plans to put on a concert covering Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” in its entirety.

“I’m a racer first, but a 1970’s progressive rock fan second”, Chastain said in his Championship 4 media availability.  “The first staging of ‘The Wall’ didn’t go so well for the band (referring to Pink Floyd’s massive financial losses on that mini-tour) but I feel like its time to strike while the iron is hot.”

Chastain’s love of somewhat-haughty concept rock albums surprised some of the assembled media.

“Oh yeah—my older cousin got me really into Yes and Genesis”, Chastain said, showing his prog bonafides.  “And while I know its a cliche, Pink Floyd really IS my favorite prog rock band—just the classic lineup though, none of the Gilmour-led stuff in the 80’s.”

Chastain is said to be in talks with Martinsville management to stage the concert against the backdrop of the Turn 4 wall he so famously slammed his car against in oder to qualify for this weekend’s championship race.

“Just think—we build the wall behind me ON the wall using styrofoam blocks”, Chastain said.  “And we can drop DC Solar stock from the sky to simulate the parade in ‘Bring the Boys Back Home’—its gotta be good for SOMETHING.”

Chastain was quick to remind the on-site reporters that his musical endeavors will not distract from his championship chase.

“Look—its racing first, elaborate concert productions second, melons third”, Chastain emphasized.  “Hey, that gives me an idea—for ‘The Trial’, lets used stop-motion animated watermelons for the characters!” NEW! updated four times weekly

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