TNT Press Release--Sonoma Preview

For Immediate Release
We here at Turner Sports-s-s-s-s-s are revved up for the second-round of our TNT Summer round of our TNT Summer Series of our TNT Summer Series!  The Nascar Sprint Series tour will be rollllllllllllllllllinggggggggg into Sonoma Speedway this Sunday for the Toyota for the Toyota for the Toyota SaveMart 350, LIVE on TNT!
What a lead-in!
"Infineon's one of the most-exciting tracks on the circuit, and easily one of the two-best road courses on the schedule.                                                            Yeah, I think they can have a, uh, real good run out there." --Wally Dallenbach Jr.
"Sonoma's one of the real wild-cards in the Cup schedule--that's incredible!  Um, something mildly controversial, vague Danica-diss, etc." --Kyle Petty.
"Oh, Godzilla!  He is attacking the racetrack!  We must get to Daytona by JOO-lie!" --Larry McReynolds.
From the record-breaking length of our pre-race, to the excitement of hearing the grand marshall call to fire engines with "                !", TNT is your best-sou EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE verage!
"I make races, for those who love racing so much, they'll put up with audio issues!  For those who can't, I can not help you!" --TNT producer.
After the race, be sure to stay tuned for another preview of "The Last Ship", from acclaimed art-house director Michael Bay!  And previews of our upcoming trailers for That Show With The Guy From The Thing.
TNT.  Drama.  Audio goes BOOM.