Track “Facts”: Homestead

Nascar races on all sorts of tracks, from short to long, oval to road course, concrete to asphalt.  Here’s a bi-weekly look at all the tracks of Nascar’s National Touring Series.


1.502 mile asphalt oval

Opened 1995

Lights?  Yes

Series: Cup, Xfinity, Trucks

Nicknames: Miami, Rain Delay World


1. Homestead was previously the site of Nascar’s “Championship Weekend”, hosting the last races of the year for all three national touring series.  It only took about 17 years for Nascar to realize that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to host important races where it rains almost every single afternoon.

2. The track’s original layout was a sort-of “mini-Indianapolis”—flat with four distinct corners (as opposed to sweeping turns).  South Florida wouldn’t see such a sporting facility disaster again until the Marlins built their new stadium.

3. This track uses the art-deco style familiar in Miami for its own decor, contrasting with most other tracks’ use of racing flags and more racing flags. updated four times weekly

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