RFK Rising: Reasons for RFK Racing’s Run of Success

Chris Buescher and Brad Keselowski have been on a white-hot pace lately for RFK Racing, signaling the return of the former Roush-Fenway team to the front of the pack.  What’s responsible for the recent run of success?  Here’s some of them:

—Blue Jean Thursday moved to Wednesday, still called Blue Jean Thursday due to copyright reasons.

—Jerry in payroll finally stopped bringing in leftover fried fish to microwave.

—The employee parking lot?  Two words: Angled.  Parking.

—Annual company-wide fantasy football league now allowing top two teams to “chop” the prize pool before the championship game.

—Chocolate covered pretzels in the vending machine have been replaced by mini chocolate chip cookies.

—The confluence of changes made by new ownership/management and mastery of the new generation of car, concurrent with changes in the sport allowing formerly “mid-pack” teams like RFK and Trackhouse to compete on a level playing field.

—Bi-weekly improvement team Zoom meeting replaced by text message group.

—Tuesday morning competition debriefs now followed by pizza instead of subs.

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