Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Spade Racing Opens Classic “Blaster Boxes” and Premiere Sets

Recently I acquired a collection of Nascar cards from the past thirty years.  Most of it was unopened “Blaster Boxes” (those things you see near checkout at big box stores) as well as a few early-90’s “Premiere Sets”.  Lets open them and see what’s inside!

Main Event Part 1—Mug shot, spotter spot, and ink blot

FIRST LOOK: It was a bold choice for Wheels (makers of the Main Event set) to go with “Mug Shot” as the theme for the base card portraits.

TO THE BACK: Boy, they really captured the excitement and intensity of…rolling down pit road.

SAY WHAT: “I really stick to my ‘Double A’ nickname, as you can see from my autograph AND the kinds of 

batteries I want to throw at Denny Hamlin”

RATING: 7 caution laps out of 10