Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Spade Racing Opens Classic “Blaster Boxes” and Premiere Sets

Recently I acquired a collection of Nascar cards from the past thirty years.  Most of it was unopened “Blaster Boxes” (those things you see near checkout at big box stores) as well as a few early-90’s “Premiere Sets”.  Lets open them and see what’s inside!

Tracks 2007 Box 3 Part 3—Censored Dale, prediction fail, and chasing tail

FIRST LOOK: Ah yes, the classic “the sponsor won’t let us use their logos, so here’s someone looking like they’re unsponsored” look.

TO THE BACK: Oh, the odds weren’t really against Jimmie Johnson.  The odds were against anyone else…and Nascar Cup being exciting for the next four years.

SAY WHAT: “Wanna come back to my hauler, baby?”

RATING: 2 custom racing seats out of 10