NASCAR ROTY RANKINGS 1995: Ranking the Rookie of the Year Classes Through the Years

Ricky Craven
Join me as we take a look at every NASCAR Cup Rookie of the Year class from 1972 (the start of the modern era) through 2021, going from the worst to the first in terms of overall careers of each year’s rookie class.


Winner: Ricky Craven (Larry Hedrick).  Runners Up: Robert Pressley (Leo Jackson), Randy LaJoie (Bill Davis), Davy Jones (Jasper).  Aborted Attempts: Steve Kinser, Mike Chase, Gary Bradberry, Terry Byers

How their careers turned out: Ricky Craven’s career is a story of “what might have been”, as injuries stymied what appeared to be a great racing talent.  The other three drivers in this class, however, saw far greater success in developmental series like the Busch Series and the IRL.

“Fun” “Fact” about the winner: Ricky’s famous 2003 Darlington win by a nose was the last win for Pontiac, the last win for a Tide-sponsored car, and the last time Kurt Busch appeared likable for a decade.

Ranking: #27 out of 50 updated four times weekly

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