Thursday, May 5, 2022

UNCLE MAX vs. REPEAT WINNERS vs. THE ROULETTE WHEEL: Darlington (and throwback scheme)

Now that inventory is done, I thought it would be a fun idea for your ol’ buddy Uncle Max to take advantage of Throwback Weekend by looking back at my high school yearbook.  Let’s see my accomplishments:

*irritating laugh intensifies*

VARSITY FOOTBALL (MANAGER) 3,4—I knew I didn’t have the body to take a pounding on the field, but I did have the brain to help things out on the sideline.  I mean, you can win without a running game, you can win without a passing game, but you CAN’T win without properly laid-out uniforms!

VARSITY TRACK & FIELD 3—After two years on the JV squad I was ready to step up to the big time in the shot put.  Unfortunately my mind was ready but my arm was not, and I spent my whole senior year learning how to write with a seriously torn shoulder muscle.  Let that be a lesson to you kids out there—trying to impress a cute girl isn’t worth injuring yourself, even if she IS the athletic trainer.

STUDENT COUNCIL 2—As I remember it nobody from my homeroom wanted to run, so I was “volunteered”.  There’s nothing like spending an hour every month listening to whiny teenagers complain about school lunches.

VOTED “MOST LIKELY TO HIT IT BIG IN VEGAS”—Yup, I was running March Madness pools even in my younger days.  Thankfully I knew how to keep my nose clean!  And yes, I already checked—the statue of limitations has passed.

Friday Night TRUCK SERIES Dead On Tools 200: Ben Rhodes—two in a row to get me on the board in the Trucks.

Saturday Afternoon XFINITY SERIES Mahindra 200 (1 win): Justin Allgaier—two in a row to help me forget that I didn’t pick The Gator last weekend.

Sunday CUP SERIES Goodyear 400: LAST RACE’S WINNER picks Chase Elliott.  THE ROULETTE WHEEL picks 16th in points Tyler Reddick.  FAVORITE (1 win): Ross Chastain—upgraded to “Favorite” status whether Teresa likes it or not.  NEXT FAVORITE (1 win): Martin Truex Jr.—getting back on track at a rare non-home-track.  DARK HORSE (1 win): Bubba Wallace—no throwback needed (but maybe a little pit strategy). updated four times weekly

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