Sunday, November 4, 2018

Driver on 107 Race Winless Streak Mulling Nascar Career

Two-time Formula One champion Fernando Alonso is wrapping up his illustrious F1 career this season with an interesting wrinkle—a “ride swap” with Jimmie Johnson before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.  This has sent the Nascar world into a tizzy of speculation on if the driver on the 107 race winless streak could be coming to stock car racing in 2019.
“Just think of the global attention Alonso could bring if he came to Nascar”, a member of Nascar’s media corps said, ignoring Alonso’s five consecutive winless seasons in F1.
“That’s just what this sport needs—some new blood”, he said, simultaneously ignoring that Alonso is twice the age at which most drivers begin in stock cars.”
Alonso has flirted with shifting his career to the United States in the past, ramping up efforts in 2017.
“Did you see what he did at the Indy 500”, a fan said, seemingly not referencing his 24th place finish.  “The attention!  The media coverage!  The global flair!  He’s got it all!”
Alonso has been rumored to be exploring a race or two in one of Nascar’s national touring series in 2019, now that his F1 career has finally petered out after five years without a single podium finish.
“Well, he could step into a Cup car for Sonoma or Watkins Glen, boy would THAT be interesting”, said Nascar insider Scott Wilson, ignoring that a “road course ringer” hasn’t won a Cup Series race since 1973.  “Of course, he COULD give it a go on an oval like Kimi Raikkonen (finished 15th and 27th in only two oval starts) or Jacque Villeneuve (top oval race finish of 14th)—just look at how great THOSE champs adapted!”.
Johnson, for his part, was quick to ‘pump the brakes’, so to speak, on Alonso’s Nascar prospects.
“Fernando’s a great racer, there’s no denying that.  In fact, I can see some similarities on our careers—both of us are former champions, both of us have dominated, and both of us now seem to be hurtling towards irrelevancy.  But you can’t just come into Nascar and win right off the bat.
“Besides that, he’s had a bit of a rough go of it lately with that uncompetitive McLaren car”, Johnson continued.  “Although, to be fair, that might prepare him for racing a Chevy.”