Sunday, March 19, 2017

Timmy Hill Pits Early to Apply New Sponsor’s Decals

Nascar fans caught an odd sight at Phoenix International Raceway, as driver Timmy Hill seemed to pit off-sequence early in the race despite a lack of mechanical or physical damage.  Fans were even MORE surprised when they saw his crew go to work affixing the decals of a new sponsor, one that had apparently been signed mere minutes prior.
“We’re always looking for new partners for our team, but this was a new one!”, Hill said after the race.  “I got a call a few laps after our scheduled pit stop that I needed to come in right away—I asked why, and my crew chief simply said, ‘Their check finally cleared!’”
Hill’s pit crew was seen quickly going to work placing vinyl graphics of new sponsor Avondale Cosmolition to the car, mindful of the new five minute “pit road clock” they had to beat to avoid being disqualified for the race.
“Our pit crew might not get the accolades, the fancy uniforms, or the steady paychecks of the big boy teams, but they can still bang out a job like nobody’s business”, Hill said.  “Whether its changing four tires in sub-20-seconds, fixing a broken splitter, or applying decals to a car without leaving a single air bubble, they’re really something else.”
Despite residing on the “other end of the garage”, Hill has shown expertise at signing a number of unorthodox sponsors over the years, from the large and well-known to the small and local, such as the one signed for this race.
“I’d just like to let everybody out there know that we still have spots available for your company, foundation, or classified ad”, Hill said, speaking directly to the camera.  “If you have something to say, don’t post it online—post it on a race car.”