Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cruise Control Discussed as Solution for Pit Road Speeding Penalties

Just as successful, too!
In concert with their “Let’s change everything again” initiative for 2017, Nascar has announced that they will explore adding cruise control mechanisms to Cup Series cars later this year.
“We’ve seen and heard drivers, crew chiefs, and fans complaining about the number of pit road penalties so far this year for speeding, and we think we’ve found a solution”, said Nascar Chairman Brian France.  “I was driving to the store to get some more pens to throw at the ceiling yesterday and it hit me—why not just use cruise control?”
As proposed, the system will act much the same as cruise control does for a passenger car, with two separate buttons, one for activation, and one for setting the proper speed.
“We’re confident that our manufacturer partners will be able to transfer this simple technology from their street cars to what we run on the track”, France said.  “And you know there’ll be plenty of drama from drivers who forget to engage the system but try to set the speed—I do that a few times overtime I make my yearly drive to the track!”
Driver and crew chief opinion remains unknown as the change was announced during the Kobalt 400 Cup Series race.  However, Nascar on Fox broadcaster weighed-in with his opinion.

“I think you’ll see drivers have an easier tiiiiime monitoring their speed by the time we get back to Daytona in JUU-ly”, McReynolds said.  “Of course, this could be easily solved by putting a speedometer in the car, but of course we cannot do that in these cars because REASONS.”