Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Timmy Hill to Run Purple Stuff Car at Dover

Stuffy the Jug, Purple Stuff's Mascot
In response to the coming debut of Ricky Stenhouse Jr’s SunnyD-sponsored car, journeyman driver Timmy Hill has announced that he will be running a car sponsored by their longtime beverage rivals, Purple Stuff.
“Dover’s kind of like a ‘home track’ for me, so to get to represent such an iconic product there is really amazing”, Hill said in a press release.  “We’re still finalizing who we’re going to run with in the race itself, but we have plenty of interested parties, ready to give us a race-legal car to, um, ‘run’ in the race.”
Hill’s statement continued to explain how the deal came together.
“A representative from Purple Stuff reached out to my business manager, and once he got caught up on his prepaid cell phone, the deal came together pretty quickly.  They were very excited to partner with us, considering our success this year with Crispy Hexagons and the Washington Generals.  It’s good to know that we have a solid financial backer who has put, in writing, that they’ll reimburse us for the tolls to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.”
In addition to finding a ride for himself and his sponsor, Hill said that his main focus will be qualifying for the race, which could draw more than the current field of 40 cars.

“We might have to knock off a few of the big boys—your Josh Wises, your Reed Sorensons—but we’ll be ready”, Hill said.  “Purple Stuff has competed against the big boys for years—soda, OJ, even SunnyD.  But we’re out to prove that it’s not what’s on your label (or lack thereof)—it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  And what’s on the inside is sugary grape drink, and a five-year-old engine.”