Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nationwide Insurance Announces Plan to Create Most Annoying Commercial of 2017 Racing Season

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against Nationwide Insurance, their name could be replaced by almost any company that advertises regularly in Nascar

Taking over a mantle long-held by Sprint, Nationwide Insurance is taking a bold step into the 2017 NASCAR season, pledging to come up with the most-annoying commercial of the year. 
"We're proud to introduce our 2017 ad campaign for NASCAR: Loud, Proud, and Louder", proclaimed Nationwide Insurance spokesman Dale Earnhardt Jr. "From Speedweeks through the Homestead, there won't be a single race that you won't see our irritating, repetitive ad at least half-a-dozen times."
NASCAR has a long history of partnering with firms able to produce adverts that become tiresome by the fifth time you see them. From Sprint's bizarre "Unlimited Family" ads to Visa's constant yelling about "THE AWESOME SOUND SYSTEM", the series has been a market leader in making their fans beg for pay-per-view coverage. 
"Our ad's got it all--a bad classic rock song playing in the background, an embarrassing cameo by Darrell Waltrip--the works.", said Earnhardt Jr. while standing next to the commercial's other star, Screamy The Screaming Eagle. "But what really takes our campaign to the next level are the little details--a character actor who you can't quite figure out where he comes from, an odd pronunciation of a certain word, even me wearing something I wouldn't be caught dead in in any other situation. 

"By the time the season is over, you'll be hating me, my sponsor, and everyone involved in this campaign more than you hated those guys in the blimp for Budweiser."