Sunday, March 26, 2017

Half of Auto Club 400 Crowd Partakes in “Empty Seat T-Shirt” Promotion

In a saturated sports market like greater Los Angeles, it takes a lot to get a sellout crowd to an event.  Well, Auto Club Speedway had one today for its Nascar Cup Series race, with at least half the crowd drawn in by the track’s Free Empty Seat T-Shirt Promotion.
“Around Los Angeles, people think that everyone wants to be seen”, said track promotions director Will Minton, “but some people really want to blend in to the background.  Well, what better way to do THAT than with a t-shirt that allows you to look like an empty seat?”
The promotion is one that appeared to help the track announce a sell-out, something difficult this day in age for all sports properties, even the NFL (well, in Los Angeles at least).
“We know how much fans watching from home care about how many people are in the stands, for, um, REASONS, so we did everything we could to make sure it was a packed-full grandstand for raceday”, Minton said.  “This Empty Seat T-Shirt event has already drawn interest from the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are considering handing them out to fans in the sixth and seventh innings of home games.”

When asked if the Empty Seat T-Shirt would be used next weekend at Martinsville, a representative for that track laughed and hung up.