Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Joey Logano vs. Kyle Busch: Spade Racing’s Tale O’ The Tape

Nascar took the government’s advice and decided to Spring Forward—into DRAMA!  Last weekend’s crew-aided takedown is likely just the start of the latest rivalry between two guys you don’t particularly like that Nascar will cram down our throats—and here’s the breakdown!

Joey Logano: “Sliced Bread”, the kind of nickname bestowed upon an 18-year-old by the media
Kyle Busch: “Rowdy”, the kind of nickname bestowed upon an 18-year-old by himself
"Time to go do something exceedingly stupid!"

Joey Logano: Featherweight
Kyle Busch: Straw-weight

Joey Logano: His entire crew
Kyle Busch: Denny Hamlin standing off to the side

Is he Penske material?
Joey Logano: Yes
Kyle Busch: No

Is he a Cup Series champion?
Joey Logano: No
Kyle Busch: Sorta

Could he use his primary sponsor’s product as a weapon?
Joey Logano: Would make the fighting surface crazy-slick
Kyle Busch: Only on Ryan Reed

Joey Logano: His teammate could just talk them to death

Kyle Busch: His brother’s ex-girlfriend