Timmy Hill to Run Washington Generals Tribute Paint Scheme

Longtime Nascar rookie driver Timmy Hill will attempt to run his first Cup race of the year this weekend and will do so running a car paying tribute to the recently-defunct Washington Generals basketball team.
The Generals, inspiring Timmy Hill
“We’re disappointed that we couldn’t make anything come together for Daytona, but we’re glad to be back at the track in a Cup car…or, at least, an ARCA car that can pass Cup inspection”, Hill said.  “The chance to pay tribute to such a hallowed, historic team as the Washington Generals is just generic icing on the generic cake for me.”
The Generals team was best-known for it’s legendary rivalry with the Harlem Globetrotters, spanning decades and thousands of games.  Shortly after the death of the team’s owner/founder/coach Red Klotz, the team disbanded.
“As a Maryland native, I grew up rooting for all the great Washington sports teams—the Diplomats, the Federals, the Commandos—“, Hill continued, “but I’m grateful to my longtime sponsor *Crispy Hexagons* for allowing us to run this very special tribute to a very special team.”
Hill has said that his plans for the rest of the season are still very much up-in-the-air, though he claims that the new “Charter system” instituted by Nascar is not much of a hindrance.

“I’ve been up against it since the beginning”, Hill said.  “from lack of funding to Matt Kenseth wanting to kill me.  But if the Washington Generals taught me anything, it’s this: When in doubt, just keep losing.”