Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rain Delay Musings

Now that the Nascar race has experienced its scheduled rescheduling to 11am EST Monday on NBCSN, here’s some stray observations I, uh, observed during the rain delay:

—Nascar gets an hour-long pre-race, followed by extended interviews due to the rain delay.  IndyCar has perfect weather and what do they get—an infomercial for “Golden Country Hit Songs” (co-hosted by the “Crook” of “Crook & Chase”!)

—Jamie McMurray has some good number synergy: Car #1, kid in a power wheels #1, #1 Cam Newton Jersey, and Jamie’s #1 in the garage with cold sores.

—The weather forecast doesn’t look too good for tomorrow OR Tuesday, so Nascar might be forced to reschedule the race for the upcoming off-weekend—although given NBC’s wall-to-wall Olympics coverage, we might have to watch it on Bravo.

—Nothing says “I’m a white guy with money” like planning to go to Ireland to run an Ironman Triathlon.

—Is there a requirement that if you’re a Nascar driver you must have either kids or pets?  Can’t you just be a miserable loner like ME?

—Anybody else catch Landon Cassill’s vintage Camel Daytona hat?

—Oh well, we might not get a chance to watch it…again, but at least we’ll have a race tomorrow.  Unless it rains.  Again.