Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ex-Football Coach Impresses in Nascar Debut

Adding to an impressive resume that includes College Football and Super Bowl championships, Jimmy Johnson posted impressive results in his first-ever Nascar race today, the Brickyard 400.
“I got the call this morning, they really rolled out the welcome mat with my name on the pit wall and everything”, an exhausted but happy Jimmy Johnson said upon exiting his 48 Lowe’s Chevy.  “All I gotta say is, How Bout Them Lowe’s Boys?!?”
Johnson stunned the sports world today, not so much by running his first-ever Nascar race in one of their biggest events, but by willingly allowing his air to become slightly mussed by the required safety helmet.
“It was pretty hot in that car, but the crew really did their jobs keeping me cool under pressure”, Johnson said.  “Besides, its not like anything could be worse than working for Jerry Jones again.”
Johnson’s previous experience was limited to a conversation with former quarterback and team co-owner Dan Marino in 1998, one of only four conversations the two ever had during their tenures together with the Miami Dolphins.
“I’m just glad to be back in the thick of competition”, Johnson happily explained.  “These guys here in Nascar, they really know how to put on a show.  I just hope it was as exciting on tv as it was for me in-person!”

Meanwhile, Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson was seen en route to the Fox Sports Los Angeles studios to learn how to laugh at Terry Bradshaw’s “jokes”.