Friday, July 29, 2016

Pocono (and more!) “News” and Notes

Its a busy weekend o’ racing, and Spade Racing has you covered!

—First we have the ARCA series running at Pocono on late Friday afternoon.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the Pocono region of Pennsylvania, just imagine yuppies.  Lots and lots of yuppies on vacation.  Oh, and bitter hillbilly townies.

—Next we have the Truck Series on Saturday afternoon from Pocono.  Despite being a companion event there are NO Cup drivers entered in the race.  So if it winds up being boring, you’ll have to do what we used to do back in the old days and blame it on a Bodine.

—Saturday night is the Xfinity Series from Iowa Speedway.  With a split-crew it remains to be seen who will work the booth for NBCSN, but hopefully its somebody who can provide insight into why the HELL Brad Keselowski is running the race.

—Sunday morning you can wake up with the F1 German Grand Prix.  “Ooh, the Germans”.

—If you’re opposed to Nascar for some reason, IndyCar will be airing live Sunday afternoon from Mid-Ohio on CNBC.  Laugh all you want about racing airing on a business channel (that usually airs infomercials on the weekends), but with Target pulling out of the series, business WILL be the issue at hand.

—And finally, the Cup Series will be racing at Pocono on Sunday, promising an exciting mix of strategy, intrigue, and raw speed from The Tricky Triangle.  Unless it rains.