Friday, July 15, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady to Drive the 88 for Dale Jr. if Needed at Indy

In a quick correction to a news story that broke late this morning, Hendrick Motorsports has explained that if Dale Earnhardt Jr. is unable to run the upcoming race at Indianapolis due to concussion-like symptoms, he will be replaced by Tom Brady. Previous reports that Jeff Gordon would be on standby to run the 88 car were, apparently, false.
"It is a great honor to take over such a famous ride", Brady said in a statement released exclusively to Spade Racing, "but I will not be daunted. It's just like when I took over as quarterback of the New England Patriots--I knew I was stepping into the shadows of Tony Eason and Scott Zolak."
Brady became available after deciding not to pursue his NFL suspension appeal to the Supreme Court.
"He wants to stay active until he's able to return in (the NFL's) week five, and he figures that driving is much more challenging than playing preseason football", said HMS owner Rick Hendrick. "We are glad to have someone with so much experience as a winner stepping into our car, and hopefully this will deflect some attention away from the fact that we have one win this season and a rookie leading us in the points."
Brady is reportedly en route to HMS as of this writing and will be welcomed by political ally Chase Elliott. Drew Henson is rumored to be Brady's backup should HE get injured, as he's not doing anything at the moment anyways.
The confusion over Jeff Gordon stepping into the 88 car apparently stemmed from Gordon's planned trip to HMS next week to figure out what the heck he does there now.